DKP sheet, also known as “Cold Rolled Steel” or “Cold Rolled Sheet”, is a type of steel sheet that is produced through a special coating process. This coating process protects the surface of the steel and creates a layer that prevents rust.

DKP sheet is a durable material that is used in many different industrial applications. In the construction industry, it is commonly used for door and window frames, steel frames, ceiling coverings, and other structural applications. In the automotive industry, it is used in the manufacturing of many different components such as vehicle chassis, cabin parts, and door handles.

DKP sheet is produced in different thicknesses and sizes and is typically sold in roll form. The thicknesses can range from 0.5-3 mm while the widths can be between 1000-1500 mm. DKP sheet is generally more economical than stainless steel, making it a preferred choice in many industrial applications.

Like other steel sheets, DKP sheet is strong and durable, but the coating process also makes it resistant to rust. As a result, it has a wide range of applications in various industrial sectors such as the construction and automotive industries.

In conclusion, DKP sheet is a type of durable steel sheet that is produced through a special coating process. It is commonly used in the construction and automotive industries, as well as many other industrial sectors. It is typically sold in roll form and is produced in different thicknesses and sizes. These products are preferred for their strength, durability, and resistance to rust.

Usage areas

  1. Roof and Facade Coatings: DKP sheet profile is widely used in roof and facade cladding. It is a durable and economical option. It also saves energy when used with insulation materials in roof coverings.
  2. Frame and Railings: DKP sheet metal profile is produced in various sizes and is therefore widely used in frame and railing construction. It is preferred for security purposes, especially in areas such as balconies, stairs and terraces.
  3. Industrial Structures: DKP sheet metal profile can also be used for industrial structures. It is especially preferred in places such as factories, warehouses, workshops. Thanks to its high durability, it is used in the carrier elements of various machinery and equipment.
  4. Shelf and Storage Systems: DKP sheet profile can also be used in shelf and storage systems. It is preferred in this field as it is both durable and light material. It also provides a modern look.
  5. Automotive and Transportation Vehicles: DKP sheet metal profile is also used in the production of automotive and transportation vehicles. It is especially preferred in body and chassis construction. In this way, the safety of the vehicles is increased and they are made more durable.
Thickness (mm)1000*2000 (kg)1200*2400 (kg)1250*2500 (kg)1500*3000 (kg)
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