In metal cutting; as manual cutting methods have become insufficient, modern technological methods are used in cutting metal plates in many industrial fields. Plasma cutting is a method that allows metal plates to be cut quickly and precisely. This method is a frequently used technology in industrial production and is commonly used in the construction industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, metal processing industry, and aviation industry.

Plasma cutting is carried out using a special plasma cutting machine. This machine creates a high-temperature plasma jet to cut desired shapes on the plate. The plasma jet can make a sharp cut on plates using a gas such as oxygen or nitrogen. This method can also be used to cut very thick or hard metals.

Plasma cutting method is preferred due to its ability to make high-quality and precise cuts. In addition, the cutting process can be performed quickly and efficiently with this method. Plasma cutting can be performed manually or controlled by CNC (Computer Numerical Control). CNC-controlled cuts increase precision and make it possible to perform more complex cutting operations.

Your company provides plasma cutting services, allowing your customers to cut their metal plates quickly and accurately. Your company provides quality services with the latest plasma cutting machine and expert staff, and can perform cutting in different sizes and thicknesses to meet the special needs of customers.

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